Reunion Feedback

 The 40th Reunion Committee needs your opinions!  We will be having an After-The-Reunion planning meeting in August and would love to have your feedback on this reunion and opinions about the next reunion. Even if you did not go to the reunion,  please fill out the survey below to help us plan.

Thank you for your taking time to complete the survey. 

 The Class of 1970 Reunion Committee

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1)   Did you go to the 40th Reunion?

Yes No
2)   What was your favorite thing about the 40th Reunion?

  Didn't go
  My favorite thing was:
3)   What did you like or dislike about the music?

  Didn't go
  Good selection of songs
  Would prefer just 60's & 70's hits
  Too loud
  Perfect for dancing
  Other comments
4)   What did you like or dislike about the dinner at the reunion?

  Didn't go
  Was great!
  Would prefer a buffet next time
5)   Do you think you will go to the next reunion?

  Not sure
6)   When would you like to have the next reunion?

  45 year
  50 year
7)   What time of the year would you like the next reunion?

  Any of the above
8)   What is the most important consideration in your decision to come to the next reunion?

  Price of ticket
  Type of event
  Who is going to be there
9)   Would you like the same type of Dinner/Dance next reunion?

10)   Do you have another suggestion for a reunion venue?

  Why don't we
  Not at this time
11)   Was there anything you would like to comment on regarding the reunion? (If there is not enough room feel free to contact one of the committee members in an email)

12)   I would like to be on the committee for the next reunion and/or help out finding classmates.

  My name is
  No thank you