Ahoy Class of 1970!

It would be appreciated if you woud take a moment of your time to respond to the survey so that we will be able to view responses to see what inerest our class has in a reunion.

The survey is located in the left column labeled "50th Class Reunion Survey".

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1)   * Are you interested in a 50th class reunion?

Yes No
2)   If you answered Yes to question 1, what venue would you be most interested in? Picnic at a park or appetizers/and or dinner at a selected venue ( to be determined)

3)   What price range are you willing to pay?

4)   Given the fact that many classmates are not local, there will be tasks that can and should be delegated in order for this to be a successful event. Would you be willing to help?

Yes No
5)   If you are local would you be willing to be part of a planning committee that would meet intermittently throughout the year?

Yes No
6)   Please leave any suggestions or ideas below.